Where Clive’s Barker Hellish world meets the universe of the Old Ones and the players find themselves caught in between the forces of Order and Chaos:

“I give the people exactly what they desire. No less, no more. For that I am, a saint, bringer of lust; knight of passion.

One human has had the strength to walk the path of Change. One has taken up the task of seeing beyond this material world. He has found his hell, has accepted it, and thus became something more. Something beyond human, beyond redemption.

He has found his home in the Lodge, a group of rich industrials, claiming to be free spirits, a club of Freemasons. together with these lost souls he strives for immortality, and the excesses of the flesh.

But all of that is but charade for the more vile plotting of this aberration of a man. his name is Oslo Igsmar

luckily, a group of Private investigators stumble upon a very disturbing disappearance. this is where their Path starts,....

The Levaithan Mythos