The Levaithan Mythos

The Rise of the Cenobite

session 1: 1. Tiffany Grey huurt de investigator in. 2. onderzoek naar Mangeman =) wat leid tot geen informatie. 3. het vinden van de lijken + ondervragen van de persoon die het lichaam gevonden heeft. 4. bemachtigen van het forensisch rapport 5. de doktors bezoeken + het gekkenhuis. 6. optie: de bibliotheek raadplegen. 7. de achtervolging van Robert Mangeman. 8. horror in the park 9. ontsnapping van Robert Mangeman. 10. ontvoering van Tiffany Grey. 11. het onderzoeken van de tempel. 12. Tiffany is gered, politie steekt alles in de doofpot. Tempel brand de volgende dag af. 13. afthermath.

session 2: William Deaton, director of Haase Shipping Company, founded in 1903 hires the players. his wife, Vivian, has most of the stocks, he suspects she’s having an affair. it appears Vivian suffers terrible nightmares, that may have something to do with a certain picture. a pillar of chains. it seems it has something to do with her deceased brother, who fought in WOI. the investigators search in the grave of this person: the players follow Vivian, and see how she is brutally murdered in broad daylight on a empty beach. it looks like some kind of ritual, and all the players suffer terrible visions. h4. a giant black obsidian diamond form rises from the sea, long electrical tentacles cover the dark sky. all players pass out.

A list of Clues:

  • The device that was hidden in the basement of the Freemason temple was designed by Nikolas Tesla.
  • In Misatonic Univerity the investigators took following items with them:

- The Necronomicon.

- Confessions of the Piramid

-The Mad Arab reveals


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