Rudolf "Adok" Carter

Occult Investigator with speciality in Arabic and Egyptian culture.


Howard Carter, the father of Rudolf Carter was born in 1874 in Brompton, Kensington, he was famous for finding the remains of Queen Hatshepsut’s tomb in Deir el-Bahri.

In 1899. At the age of 25, Carter was offered a position working for the Egyptian Antiquities Service. It was then when he met a beautiful Egyptian woman and he fell in love. Nine months after he met Nitocris Nialah their son was born. Adok (dark) Carter, his name referred to his dark black hair.

Howard spend a lot of time with his son teaching him all kind of things about the Arabian languages, history of Egypt and every time he discovered something new his son was the first to know. His son grew up, amongst his English friends Adok was called Rudolf. Rudolf grew up to be a handsome young man, his white skin was loved by the girls of Egypt because it refers to being rich (when you don’t work outside like peasants your skins stays white).

Rudolf went to the University in Luxor where he studied old languages, history and art. He started to help his father in his search for new Egyptian temples and treasures. In 1922 right after Rudolf was graduated, his father took him with him, on an expedition to a valley of the kings.

h4. excerpt from Rudolf’s diary:

date unknown,

“Six full seasons we had excavated there, and season after season had drawn a blank; we had worked for months at a stretch and found nothing, and only an excavator knows how desperately depressing that can be; we had almost made up our minds that we were beaten, and were preparing to leave the Valley and try our luck elsewhere; and then – hardly had we set hoe to ground in our last despairing effort than we made a discovery that far exceeded our wildest dreams. Surely, never before in the whole history of excavation has a full digging season been compressed within the space of five days. Beneath the sand of the Egyptian desert we found a doorway”

On November 26 1922 Howard Carter opened the doorway to the tomb “what later became known as the tomb of Toetanchamon”. It was to be the most important discovery in the history of Egyptology, an intact tomb of a Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty.

date unknown: “The tomb was intact, except for several attempts to rob it in antiquity. There were four chambers in all, each of them full of the various treasures buried with the young king to provide for him for all eternity. The burial chamber lay as it had been on the day the priests had tied the knots on the shrine enclosing the sarcophagus and impressed upon them the seal of the king. I had always felt bad about this place, something was out of the ordinary. As we went further into the burial chamber I started to feel sick, dark lights where dancing on the walls and suddenly all around me I saw dead people dressed in old Egyptian clothing.

Their rotting flesh was hanging from their corpses and they all pointed in the same direction: The doorway. Although they didn’t speak I knew what they where saying, I yelled at my father in fear not to go further into the tomb but he did not listen. And then I saw it, dark mist arose out of the tomb of the 3000 year dead Pharaoh, it seemed my father didn’t see what was happening for he only went deeper into the tomb. Once again I yelled in fear and madness that he should stop but as he looked behind him I saw in his tinkling eyes he would not stop. I ran… the way the corpses pointed and just before I jumped out of the doorway I saw the black mist getting closer to my father and eventually devouring his flesh.

I ran out of the valley , out of Luxor, out of Egypt, out of Africa and finally ending up in America in Boston. What I had seen in the tombs was not real his flesh was not devoured, my father was still alive and he send me messages about his crowded months with so many incidents that he had hardly time to think. But still he stayed there and for the following years Howard Carter excavated the objects of the tomb. Sometimes sending pieces of what he found to me. But always these pieces he send to me where accompanied by a letter in which he wrote what bad things had happened.”

Rudolf ended up in Boston in 1923, where he went to study again, learning philosophy and in his free time learning more about the occult. In this school he met William and other people who became friends of him. Rudolf was always waiting eagerly for a package of his father that he could investigate and then send back. In 1925 Rudolf got a package from his father within it was an old book in the Arabian language, when Rudolf deciphered it he discovered it was some kind of spell. He kept the book and never send it back to his father.

an ancient tome, with obscure drawings and disturbing invocations. after long research and many sleepless nights you finally understand the subtle words that lied underneath it all, underneath the stories of the old gods, there lied reason,... and more. something more subtle, darker, than the stories and rituals on the surface. you finally glanced on what could be performed as a real rite… you finally got insight into the darkest part of human being.

Fragment from the tome: (translated by Howard Carter)

“And death shall have no dominion for those who met Osiris and came back from beyond the border.

Rudolf "Adok" Carter

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