Danny Ferguson

one of the player's character, loosly based on comic hero Preacher.


Stats Ofensive option Atack:+1 Fort+2 ref+0 Will+0

Str: 14 dex:16 con: 14 int: 12 wis: 12 cha: 12

Private detector skills skills: Gather info:4 hide:2 intimidate:4 listen move silently:4 open lock:4 search:2 sense motive:2 spot:2 +3 player’s choice Drive:4 Research:4 Read lips:4


2 feats+Extra weapon prof feat

martial artist Point blank Weapon proficiency pistols

Taphephobia: fear of being buried alive

+Appearance: + Danny Ferguson is a bit more hansom then a regular guy and pretty muscular. He looks like the average guy with short hair. He wears a hood a hunters coat, combat boots and shortened leather gloves. Most of the time there’s a cigarette in his mouth, a bad habit he learned in the army. He has brown short hair and a face that looks like it has seen a lot of pain and misery. But not ugly. He most of the time wears a backpack with his equipment listed below in it. And he wears his gun in a shoulder holster.

equipment: Pag 84 multifire weapons: (40/575$)Webley mark 1 revolver:ammo:.455 webley 2d8×3 capacity 6 loading:break:range20 rate:standard,multifire, UK 1887 multifire=-4/-4 1 round to load all chambers with speed loader 40 round cartridge bandoleer 20$ Shoulder holster 30$ Multigun cleaning kit 50$

hunters coat 130$ combat boots 100$ leather gloves 23$ rain slicker and hood 35$ compass 75$ Backpack 70$ flashlight 18$ hand held emergency flare 2$ One half inch thick hemp rope 50ft 9$ Lockpicking tools 80$ binoculars 90$ glascutter 8$ wrist watch 30$ handcuffs 30$ cigarette lighter 20$ sunglasses 40$ = $ 860


background: Danny Ferguson is born and raised in a little land house not far from Boston in the year 1894.

He lived together with his parents, his grandmother, Jody and Tom. Who weren’t the most nice human beings that walk around on this god created planet. His parents were the best for as long as he knew them, but his grandmother and her two boys were the devils.

Danny’s grandmother was 70 years and when she was 63 years old she had an accident. She accidentally burned her house down when she was in it. Which marked her for the rest of her life, she sits in a wheelchair and her complete body is burned. Her face looks like cows shit with hair and her arms and legs are like dried prunes. She’s the worst women Danny has ever known in his entire life. She wanted to raise Danny together with Jody an Tom instead of Danny’s parents and thats what she did.

Jody her first son was a half mongrel with long brown greasy hair and a face that looks half as ugly as his mothers (which is bad). And whats even worse is that he likes to fuck dead and living animals. Thats why he went fishing every Sunday. Tom, her other son was a bully, a muscular guy with long grey hair in a ponytail. His face wasn’t ugly but his personality was the worst there was. He had been in the army for 15 years and trained every day. Most of the time in unarmed combat. He wasn’t stupid but just a dick. His Mother Cassandra the daughter of Danny’s grandma wasn’t like her sons, she was nice,friendly and beautiful. But when her mother had the accident she took her in her house together with Jody and Tom.

Danny’s father, Michael wasn’t much at home because he was in the army. He had to fight, or thats what mother always said. She told stories about how bad fighting is but that his daddy had to do it to save the family. Cassandra wasn’t happy at all because her mother stayed in the house, her mother was always saying how to raise Danny, she said Danny had to become a priest. Cassandra thought Danny had to choose for himself when he was older.

in 1905 when Danny was 6years old something tragic happened, his father had just come home from the military base and Cassandra explained to him that she couldn’t live with her mother anymore. She and Michael had a long talk and eventually came to the decision to bring Cassandra’s mother to another place. Jody heard this conversation and went to his ma to say what he had heard.

Cassandras mother was furious and together with Jody and Tom she went to Cassandras and Michaels room at night. Tom tighted them up and dragged them outside just like Danny. It was early in the morning when they reached the hilltop, Tom placed Danny’s parents in front of Danny and together with Jody he blew their heads of. Danny could not believe what had happened, his mother and father exploded just like that. He was a little bit to young to understand what had really happened that day but he knew he would never see his parents again. And he never did.

After that he was raised by bis grandmother who he had to call “mother”, Jody and Tom. His “mother” send him to school to learn and to become a priest. Tom learned him how to fight by beating him up every day, but not his face because then other people would suspect something. And Jody didn’t learn him anything, he just fucked around with the cows and the chickens that were walking around in the fields behind the house.

But this wasn’t what Danny wanted, he sometimes complained or tried to run away, he gave that up, because every time he did this Tom but him in a coffin and bound it with chains and threw him in the swamp not far from the house for a few days. He soon realized complaining wasn’t the best thing to do so he studied to become a priest.

When he reached his 18years his “mother” send him to the military, thats what he had to do for his country she said. “And afterwards you can become a priest”... luckily there never came an afterwards. He had the best time in the military for the first 2 years, because he was away from home. He learned how to shoot and how to fight better. And he turned out to be good at it in both of those things. But when he was 2 years in the military.

A war had started in Europe, so he had to stay a little bit longer in the military. The United states didn’t fight in the beginning, so there was nothing to worry about, he just trained a little bit more, but years past and he could go home because of the war. And in 1917, 6 April, The United states declared war On Germany. He didn’t suspect that to happen but it did. He was send to Europe to fight, he survived it all, attacks on beaches where the worst.

After six years of military service he went back home and he wanted revenge. This was something “mother” didn’t suspect, she thought he would come back witch pleasure, she thought he wanted to become a Priest. Danny believed in god, yes he did, he had prayed many times in the war and he had survived it. He still had his Webley mark 1 revolver, which he had stolen from a dead Englishman. And he still had ammunition. The first thing he did when he got home was go to the barn. Like he suspected Jody was fucking a cow, hit shot him twice, one bullet in every leg. Then he kicked him fifteen times in the face and shot him one time in every eye. And thought “Poor cow”.

Tom arrived at the barn, he didn’t now what to expect and definitely didn’t suspect Danny with a revolver. Danny shot two times but Tom still had his wits. One bullet missed and the other hit him in the arm. Then he ran to Danny and punched him, Danny fought back, he never suspected that Tom was so strong, he must have been fifty then. They fought for a few minutes but eventually Danny broke Tom’s back on the cows fence. What killed Tom. Then he went to the house en saw that “mother” was looking at him trough the window on the highest floor of the house. So he went inside ran up the stairs kicked in the door and got shot two times in his left shoulder by “mother” (what he didn’t expect to happen). So he felled back and looked up. He saw her, even more ugly than before with a two barreled shotgun in her hand. She rabbled something about she being nice to him and he had to become a priest and that kind of shit. But he didn’t listen he stood up because he knew she was out of bullets and kicked her in the face. He tied her to her wheelchair and locked the door. Waited a few hours until she woke up again. Soaked the house and barn in fuel and burned the place down. And watched her die in the flames where she belonged. Luckily it was the only house in that region, so nobody heard the shots, some of the people from around saw the flames. But when the fireman arrived they where to late. Danny faked that he came back from the military after the fire and got away with murder.

He did a few jobs and with the money he inherited from “mother” he started a detective business. He did a few jobs but most of them weren’t very impressive. Now he’s looking for some other detectives in Boston and some other job. Hopefully with a little bit action.

Danny Ferguson

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